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Mark J. Lazzo,
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Wichita's Premier Bankruptcy Lawyer

28 Years of Experience Practicing Bankruptcy Law in Wichita, Kansas
Over the last 28 years, we've earned a reputation for providing smart, timely, and cost -effective debt solutions for our clients.
We've developed our practice around relieving as much pressure from our clients' decisions as possible, and offer an entirely free, no-obligation initial consultation to evaluate your  circumstances and detail the various options that are available for your particular situation.

Mark J. Lazzo, founder of Lazzo Law, is a uniquely qualified bankruptcy attorney in Wichita, Kansas. After helping thousands of Kansans obtain debt relief and a fresh start, he has encountered numerous situations and circumstances and therefore possesses the rare expertise necessary for dealing with both creditors and the bankruptcy process.

Petition to File for Bankruptcy
  • Home Foreclosure?
  • Credit Card Debt?
  • Garnished Wages?
  • Debt Collectors?
  • Car Repossessed?
  • Tax Liens or Levies?
  • Utilities Shut Off?
  • Harassing Phone Calls?
  • Constant Creditor Threats?

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Wichita's Foremost Authority on the Bankruptcy Process
Since 1986, we've specialized in Bankruptcy Law and dedicated our practice to attaining meaningful and long-lasting debt relief for our Kansas and Missouri clients.
While many attorneys have opted to expand into multiple areas of law to maximize profits, we've firmly anchored our practice in bankruptcy law so as to provide the best possible service for our clients.
We understand that these financial times have made it increasingly difficult to cope with financial distress, distress often caused by events outside one's control, e.g. job loss, uninsured medical expense, marital separation, etc. Bankruptcy may be the solution.
Our clients' interests have been, and always will be, our top priority.
Call & find out what it really means to have someone fight for your future.
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Kansas Bar Association

Website is intended for informational purposes only and does not establish the attorney - client relationship. Lazzo Law is a Wichita, KS  law firm that specializes in the bankruptcy process. We are legally licensed to practice per the Kansas & Missouri Bar Associations, and attain debt relief for our clients under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.