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Wichita Debt Relief FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions When Filing Bankruptcy in Kansas

What is bankruptcy?
The bankruptcy laws were passed by Congress to give debtors sufficient means to obtain relief from their creditors.
Filing bankruptcy immediately stops all creditors from taking further action to harass or collect money from you. Any creditor that ignores our order will be found in contempt of the court.
What can filing bankruptcy do for me?
  1. Filing for bankruptcy relief eliminates or "discharges" your legal obligations to pay the debt. After we compile your case, the bankruptcy court issues a discharge order which wipes out your creditors' ability to enforce their debt claims against you. The true purpose of this law is to provide you debt relief and a "fresh start"  with your finances.
  2. Stop a pending foreclosure on your house or mobile home and allow you the opportunity to retain your home and catch up on missed payments. Bankruptcy does not eliminate mortgages, however, and payment will still be required to retain the property.
  3. Prevent repossession of a car or other property, or force a creditor to return a vehicle that has already been repossessed.
  4. Immediately stop wage garnishment, creditor harassment, and lawsuits.
  5. Prevent termination of utility service, or restore service where it has been shut off.
  6. Allow you to challenge creditor's claims which you dispute.
Will Filing Bankruptcy Extinguish All of My Debts?

Filing bankruptcy wipes out most debts, although there are a few exceptions. Exceptions to this general rule include domestic obligations such as debts for child support or alimony, most taxes, most student loans, criminal restitution and traffic fines.
More obvious exceptions are the debts secured by property (collateralized debt) that you wish to keep - such as home mortgages, car loans and any other personal property subject to liens.

Website is intended for informational purposes only and does not establish the attorney - client relationship. Lazzo Law is a Wichita, KS  law firm that specializes in the bankruptcy process. We are legally licensed to practice per the Kansas & Missouri Bar Associations, and attain debt relief for our clients under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.