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Wichita Bankruptcy Information
Filing Bankruptcy in Wichita, Kansas

The bankruptcy law is federal law written by Congress, therefore all bankruptcies are filed in federal court.
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  • Personal Bankruptcy Options
- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Business Bankruptcy Options
- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 12 Bankruptcy (Farms)
- Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Of these options, there are two primary types of bankruptcy filings. The first type is a "liquidation" case. A liquidation case, often referred to as a "straight bankruptcy", is filed under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code.
The second type of bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a "reorganization" case.
In this type of case, the debtor files a "plan" to reorganize their finances and pay their creditors back all or some portion of their claims. Reorganization cases are filed either a Chapter 13 case (wage earner reorganization), a Chapter 11 case (corporate or sole proprietorship reorganization), or a Chapter 12 case (family farmer reorganization).
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If you're still unsure as to whether filing bankruptcy is the best option for your particular circumstances, take advantage of our 100% free case evaluation.
The consultation enables us to learn more about your situation so that we can answer your questions and let you decide for yourself whether bankruptcy is right for you.
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Website is intended for informational purposes only and does not establish the attorney - client relationship. Lazzo Law is a Wichita, KS  law firm that specializes in the bankruptcy process. We are legally licensed to practice per the Kansas & Missouri Bar Associations, and attain debt relief for our clients under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.